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 Climate Action Chef at Iceland Summit 

Forage and cook at Iceland's northern most tip for the Future Food Institute and United Nations climate action warriors?


I reason that if we're all underwater, everything else we love and advocate for it, well, sunk too, right?

In the summer of 2019, I rocked snow boots into JFK airport in 90 degree weather to get on a plane to a place that will surely stay with me forever, and let's just say,  it was a VIBE.  


Iceland was epic in the non exaggerated use of the word. Literally, epic and equally grand in its challenges. My favourite.

There wasn't a single extra resource to draw from, things simply aren't available. I had to LEARN fast and it was the best. I was forced farther outside of my comfort zones in this unforgiving landscape than I can remember and am incredibly grateful for the experience and those who were with me. 

We talked fish farms, whales, melting glaciers.

It's all really really real and epic and confusing, and yet in reflection - very grounding.


Besides some algae that tastes like black truffle, the things I packed home in my bag are this: 

ONE. We follow far too many unsustainable patterns in the creation of food (yes, yes we know already), but it's absolutely my/our responsibility to deeply consider every choice while keeping each other accountable to doing the very best we can in service to this planet and it's people 


  Poverty & Food Address 

Our greatest problems come from our greatest fears. One of those fears is trust in others which ultimately results in us "watering" ourselves down to make sure were accepted.

Couple that with a lack of trust in people's ability to discern or "Get" what you're doing and we all end up looking, sousing, cooking and doing the same.

We NEED you to be the biggest you.

Trust that amongst the 7+ billion folks there are those that will more your you.

Break from the sheeple, get amongst your grittiest self and make shit happen for you and everyone around you.

They always say "Go Big of Go Home". I say do both every day you're lucky enough to wake up.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.05.52

Presenting a keynote at Worlz was a trip. You see, Worldz isn't just a conference, it's a summit and community focussed on blurring the lines between innovation, recreation, creation and connecting the most influential marketing and cultural leaders to learn and build our future. The likes of Steve Aoki, Shaq (yes, Shaquille O'Neil), Doug Palladini and more have all given their insight during keynotes at this annual event.


And I wanted to make sure you all heard me, but the Goodyear blimp still doesn't do indoor keynotes.


I delivered some BIG FACTS to 3,000 people and I'd like to talk about it again, cool?

First up, stop telling yourself terrible stories or false narratives. Deep down you have to know they aren't true so trust that. While you're at it, don't perpetuate other people's bullshit either. It damages you and those you care about, period.

Two, keep relationships open and clean. Reduce conflict and step away if you need to.

Third, manage your mind like your life depends on it, because while it may not be life or death for you at this moment, squandering any time will be your biggest regret long term. I promise.

Four, make amends, all of them. Then practice apologizing without "conditions" or excuses In real time. Your ego will cope. You're the boss of it, not the other way around

Five, NOTICE. Notice every single time a positive feeling hits you naturally, away from technology, and really sit with it and why. Then do that thing again, dark clouds of doubt will dissipate.

Six, be EXACTLY you. Heart Shaped Sunglasses, tourettes level passion, Jordans or Jesus sandals. Be the 1 of 1 in an increasingly line towing culture. We need your weird and wonderful more than ever.

Seven, be FOR someone, or many someones unconditionally. Trust me heavily on this one, it all comes back 10 fold.

Lastly, you're legitimately a fucking miracle, treat yourself and others with the wonderment and jaw dropping awe you wholeheartedly deserve to feel about your life, 365 days of every year you get.

This isn't a plug it's a plea. We don't need telecoms to tell us to communicate, we're literally made for it

Much love. That's right, MUCH LOVE. Remember, I fucking love you.

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