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 Climate Action Chef at Iceland Summit 

Forage and cook at Iceland's northern most tip for the Future Food Institute and United Nations climate action warriors?


I reason that if we're all underwater, everything else we love and advocate for it, well, sunk too, right?

In the summer of 2019, I rocked snow boots into JFK airport in 90 degree weather to get on a plane to a place that will surely stay with me forever, and let's just say,  it was a VIBE.  



Hatch is a community, movement, and a series of experiences designed to ACTIVATE CREATIVITY and HATCH a better world. Since 2003, HATCH experience is a four day annual retreat meets summit offered to 100 of the most provocative innovators, inventors, and cultural catalysts across a wide range of disciplines.

Attendees who are invited each year voter a wide swath of humanity - Oscar-winning filmmakers, Grammy-winning Musicians, CEO's and Founders of diverse companies and non-profits, designers from IDEO, NASA, Google and a wide range of hackers, inventors, educators, disruptors and mavericks.

This cross-pollinated alchemy of global perspectives allows thought leaders to re-ignite their creative vision and opens them up to a new network for life. The outcome has lead to hundreds of new projects, collaborations and ongoing mentorship opportunities.


The most powerful thing we can give a person is the understanding of their own value. Not related to ego or posturing, but their real worth. People may exude confidence and often feel the opposite. Generous, sincere praise and support is what real friends bring. Always show up for them.

These are human insights and wisdoms given to me among many profound others that have been given to me by the enigma that is Hatch. I have been part of the Hatch network for several years now, delivering keynotes on their stages and being re-charged, inspired and energized by some of the greatest thinkers and change-makers convened at the Hatch retreats. 

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