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 Climate Action Chef at Iceland Summit 

Forage and cook at Iceland's northern most tip for the Future Food Institute and United Nations climate action warriors?


I reason that if we're all underwater, everything else we love and advocate for it, well, sunk too, right?

In the summer of 2019, I rocked snow boots into JFK airport in 90 degree weather to get on a plane to a place that will surely stay with me forever, and let's just say,  it was a VIBE.  



Future Food empowers youth, feeders and leaders to make exponential positive change. They strive to improve sustainability and life on Earth through experimental learning and prosperity drive innovation in global food systems. Future Food Institute is a global organization lead by Sara Rovers and based as a non-profit in Italy.


In the Spring of 2019, The Future Food Institute invited me to lend my voice to FIGHTING FOOD LOSS AND WASTE - PROMOTING AN INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE. The conversation was hosted in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. After, I transformed food destined for the garbage into a 3-course meal for 250 attendees. Since then, the FFI in partnership with FAO invited me to join them in Iceland and back in NYC.

In response to the Covid19 emergency, we teamed up in a 24 hour marathon to seed #goodaftercovid19.  

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