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 Climate Action Chef at Iceland Summit 

Forage and cook at Iceland's northern most tip for the Future Food Institute and United Nations climate action warriors?


I reason that if we're all underwater, everything else we love and advocate for it, well, sunk too, right?

In the summer of 2019, I rocked snow boots into JFK airport in 90 degree weather to get on a plane to a place that will surely stay with me forever, and let's just say,  it was a VIBE.  



Consultants, FairShare ignites courageous brands to drive societal change. In partnership with non profits such as our ABLF USA, FairShare builds authentic social impact strategies. FairShare is based in New York, NY.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 9.42.18 AM.png


I joined forces with FairShare in 2017, advising the agency in their work with corporate clients. Fairshare introduced ABLF to DOMO, MetLife, Pepsi and Winderman Thompson. With the support of FairShare in 2018, I was able to launch ABLF in the United States.

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