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 Climate Action Chef at Iceland Summit 

Forage and cook at Iceland's northern most tip for the Future Food Institute and United Nations climate action warriors?


I reason that if we're all underwater, everything else we love and advocate for it, well, sunk too, right?

In the summer of 2019, I rocked snow boots into JFK airport in 90 degree weather to get on a plane to a place that will surely stay with me forever, and let's just say,  it was a VIBE.  


Iceland was epic in the non exaggerated use of the word. Literally, epic and equally grand in its challenges. My favourite.

There wasn't a single extra resource to draw from, things simply aren't available. I had to LEARN fast and it was the best. I was forced farther outside of my comfort zones in this unforgiving landscape than I can remember and am incredibly grateful for the experience and those who were with me. 

We talked fish farms, whales, melting glaciers.

It's all really really real and epic and confusing, and yet in reflection - very grounding.


Besides some algae that tastes like black truffle, the things I packed home in my bag are this: 

ONE. We follow far too many unsustainable patterns in the creation of food (yes, yes we know already), but it's absolutely my/our responsibility to deeply consider every choice while keeping each other accountable to doing the very best we can in service to this planet and it's people 


  Keynote Speaker 

There's conferences and then there's this.

Imagine if Cirque De Soleil and the biggest branding agency in the world birthed a 3-day experience, then go ahead and quit imagining because that's exactly what they did.

C2 Montréal is, "The Most Forward Thinking Business Event in the World".


As a white dude who cares deeply about the work (*elephant emoji*) I took many new learnings from my keynote presentation, holding space for dialogue, moderating 4 incredible women, and discussing diversity, inclusion and most importantly, ACTION in the workplace.


Here's an excerpt of my experience:

How do we get to True Economic Justice was the topic and we went deep on 
tokenism, box ticking, education and writing the damn cheque.

We shared a dialogue on the exceptional work of the 4 women participating in our panel discussion in finding Venture Capital funding for black women, de-stigmatization around women of colour and immigration status, understanding of true gender equality, balance of responsibility and updates to the business O/S of 2018 among a very long list of more.

We doubled-down in debate around aggressive or tactical approaches with entrenched business practices.


Shout out to my HATCH team, grateful on all levels to put year 3 in the books.

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